Located in Nelson County Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, High Peak Farm is a family run propagation nursery specializing in Viburnums.

We love to share our passion for the beauty and versatility of Viburnums in the landscape and home gardens. These stunning ornamental shrubs are especially beautiful in the spring but also produce fruit to feed birds and other wildlife during the fall and winter.

Established in 1995, the Nursery has been actively producing and selling rooted cuttings and transplants for 13 years to several wholesale nurseries in the North Carolina and Virginia area. The owner/operator, Joe Edwards has amassed over 150 different cultivars collected from many arboretums up and down the East Coast.

Whole sale and Retail

High Peak Farm produces high quality bare root cuttings of first and second year viburnums that are supplied in May directly to the customer. We also sell select viburnums and other ornamentals in pots throughout the year. An Inventory of the Stock is updated regularly. Custom Propagation of Viburnum and other select ornamental plants is available upon request.


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